Four Year Nomadiversary

Our 4 year Nomadiversary is significant because it marks the end of full time travel for us, but certainly not the end of travel.

Click below to watch 4 years of our travel highlights:


Our boys were 8 and 6 years old when we left on our travel journey in 2014.  When we rented out our home in May of that year, we had no idea how long we’d be gone, if we’d even enjoy RV life, and we definitely had no idea how to drive a 40 foot motorhome across the country, all while balancing work, school, and everyday life!

August 2014
May 2015








Here are some facts about our journey:


  • Visited 18 State Parks
  • Visited 29 National Parks
  • Visited 22 States
  • Visited 9 Countries
  • Visited Chicago and San Diego every year.
  • Attended a Rally for full time RVing families in San Diego, CA.
  • Attended a Rally for world traveling families in Merida, Mexico.
  • Traveled by RV, car, bus, plane, train, cruise ship, ferry boat, subway, gondola, and EuroRail.


  • Taken their first airplane ride (in 2017), and followed it up with 7 additional flights within a year.
  • Fed the bears at Yellowstone
  • Hiked the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon
  • Tried out playgrounds in every state
  • Trick or Treated in San Diego, Albuquerque, and London
  • Gone zip lining through the trees in Flagstaff
  • Rode a tram above the Redwoods
  • Sailed past a glacier in Alaska
  • Climbed pyramids in Mexico
  • Seen Stonehenge
  • Watched geysirs erupt in the U.S. and Iceland
  • Swam in cenotes
  • Stood on the deck of the Eiffel Tower
  • Toured 6 castles
  • Searched for the Loch Ness Monster
  • Eaten McDonalds in Scotland, Ireland, England, and France
  • Gone on Field trips to at least 19 Museums, and at least 11 Zoos and Aquariums across the country (likely more)
June 2016
March 2017







June 2018



Going forward, we have switched gears to focus on some different goals, so we will not travel full time for the foreseeable future (although I’d never say it couldn’t happen again in the future!).  We have many, many trips that we are planning over the next few years, both domestically and internationally, so the travel will certainly not end.

Currently, we’ve ditched the RV, and rented an apartment in our new home base of Boise, Idaho, a place that we simply couldn’t stop thinking about once we visited.

The boys are acclimating into the large Homeschool community here, where there are almost daily opportunities to meet, play, take classes, and even attend co-ops a few days a week.

With the mountains at our doorstep, there are lots of outdoor activities and new places to explore, and we are excited for this next adventure!

Thanks for being part of our journey!