How Life on the Road Has Enriched Our Lives

How Life on the Road Has Enriched Our Lives

I am filled with emotions after an awesome weekend and have decided to veer from my usual post of “saw this, did that.”

We decided to attend our first Rally since we’ve been on the road, which is basically a group of people with a common interest coming together for activities, games, learning seminars, and socializing.  We joined together with a group called Fulltime Families, which is just what the name implies- families of all sizes from all over North America, living and traveling in RV’s.  Thirty three or so families gathered together in one campground to share our lives, plans, travel experiences, and dreams for the future.  What a blast!  We had been looking forward to this for months, and it far exceeded our expectations.

After being on the road for almost a year and a half, there are times when we miss meaningful social interaction, aside from short, casual conversations with others at campgrounds.  More than anything, reflecting on this Rally really hit home for me about what our time on the road has done for my family and how it has changed us.


Here are some ways that living on the road has enriched our family:

  1.  We have grown so much closer as a family unit.  We are together all the time, everyday, for work and school and play.  We are physically closer, snuggled together in tight quarters.  And we still LIKE each other.  A LOT!
  2. We have been educated on the “road” of life, literally.  All four of us are learning about people and places every single day.  Our minds have been opened by the way in which others are living all around the country.
  3. My kids have not learned about places and events from books, they have seen, touched, smelled, tasted, and heard first hand.  They shout out in excitement when they see pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, or Theodore Roosevelt, or Yosemite National Park, because they have been there or learned about the people that helped shape our country.
  4. We have learned that we can live more simply, with less, and we can be perfectly happy doing so.
  5. Homeschooling has been a game changer for us.  We will very likely continue doing so even once we are back in a “sticks and bricks” home.  The kids have time to explore their interests.  We don’t have to send them away from us for 8 hours a day.  We get to enjoy them all the time and learn right alongside them.
  6. We socialize differently on the road.  Our connections with others are often fleeting, so we ask different questions and bond over the love of travel and living unconventionally.  My kids form some quick friendships and bond with other traveling kids over Minecraft, discussions about what places they’ve visited and what they liked best.  They talked about how they “do” school and what kind of RV they will have when they grow up and continue traveling.  Priceless.
  7. In a world where the media fills us with negativity and scares us into leaving our homes, we have learned that there are so many incredible, interesting, loving, and inspiring people all around us who go out of their way to help others, even complete strangers.  What an inspiration!
  8. We have realized that we want our children to learn not only about being United States Citizens, but the importance of being Global Citizens.  Although this is a very scary step for us, we know that we need to stretch out of our comfort zone to experience other places first-hand by traveling overseas.  We are not sure when or how, but this will likely be the next phase of our journey.

A final thought I want to share is that this lifestyle is not led by “lucky” or “rich” people.  If travel is something you are truly passionate about, then I encourage you to connect with others who are doing it.  There are Facebook groups, podcasts, and books that have been a tremendous amount of support and encouragement for us.

There are people in this community who would be more than happy to talk to you and invite you into their homes and show you how they do it.  I will share some of our favorite resources in future posts, but please feel free to reach out to us with questions or for support!