Little Bighorn National Monument, Montana

Little Bighorn National Monument, Montana

As we crossed into Montana, I could not resist the urge to stop at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in Crow Agency, site of General Custer’s Last Stand.  In college, I took a Native American Literature class, and after reading the accounts of history from the perspective of Native Americans, I was anxious to visit one of the battlefields that I had read about.

We took the short drive through the battlefield, stopping at designated areas to envision the way it looked over a hundred years ago.  We stopped at the memorial for both the US cavalry and the Native Americans, as well as the cemetery.



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There was a small visitors center, in which the boys received Junior Ranger booklets and ultimately, their badges.  I recommend watching the movie in the Visitor’s Center before exploring the battlefields for a good orientation of the area.  Two hours was sufficient to completely tour this National Monument.


For more information, visit Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.