New Adventures Ahead


It has been almost two years since we drove off in our RV, both terrified and excited, and began our journey on the open road with our little boys. Our intention was to try this RVing thing, and explore places on our bucket lists, such as Yellowstone, the Pacific Northwest, and Highway 1.

We discovered that traveling by RV is quite fun, and we fell head over heels in love with the West, particularly the small mountain towns of Montana, the breathtaking green landscapes of Oregon and Washington, and the fantastic ocean views of the Pacific coast, all the way down to our current favorite, San Diego, where we returned to spend another winter.

So, what is next for us?

Well, we are passionate about continuing to travel.  After visiting something like 25+ National Parks, half of the States, and another country, we have just hit the tip of the iceberg.  There is still so much more we want to explore!  And overseas travel, such as Australia, Southeast Asia, and Europe is high on our priority list.

We are at the point in our journey where we have decided that we want to close some chapters of this adventure (particularly lumbering down the road in a 40 foot motorhome), and start some new ones going forward.  So, we are selling our motorhome.

Then we are hitting the road for the next four months, by car, to further explore much of the Pacific Northwest – Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Colorado.  We will stay in vacation rentals and extended stay hotels along the way to try a different “way” to travel.  Then we will return to Chicago and see where the road leads after that.

We would love to meet up with you somewhere down the road!