Podcasts to Prepare You for Full Time Travel

We have found podcasts to be an incredible source of inspiration to us over the last few years.  Here are some of our favorites that we found useful in pursuing our personal and travel goals.


The Dave Ramsey Show – If you need some practical advice and easy steps to get control of your finances, this is the guy to listen to.  He has helped millions of people create a budget and conquer debt using his Baby Steps.

Location Independent Businesses

Making money on the road is the key to this lifestyle.  Many people want to take to the road, but how can it be affordable?  These three podcasts are chocked full of ideas and inspiration:

Entrepreneurs on Fire by John Lee Dumas – Seven days a week, John interviews business owners and leads you down the path of their business failures turned successes.

The Tim Ferriss Show – author of  The 4-Hour Workweek.  Tim interviews big name actors, business owners, musicians, authors, and more and delves into the tools and strategies that have contributed to their success.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast by Pat Flynn – Pat is completely transparent with his  lucrative journey to passive income, as he shares tips, interviews others, and posts his monthly income and expenses for all to see.

Simplification & Downsizing

The Simple Life Together with Dan and Vanessa Hayes is one of our favorites.  Listen to gain great insight into living simply, as well as easy to follow tips and ideas to streamline almost every area of your life.

RV Travel

Roadschool Moms by Kimberly Travaglino & Mary Beth Goff – Awesome resource for everything full time rv’ing, including travel logistics, road schooling, and interviews to prepare, inspire, and educate you.

Living the RV Life  by John and Kathy Huggins – Lots of practical advice for newbies as well as seasoned RV’ers.  John and Kathy have been on the road for a decade.

Travel Inspiration

Family Adventure Podcast by Erik Hemingway – Prepare to be inspired as Erik interviews guests who have aspired to great travel adventures, whether by RV, Sailboat, Airplane, or Bicycle.  He focuses on how anyone can make their travel dreams reality.

Zero to Travel Podcast – Jason took his first overseas trip 15 years ago, and has a great website and podcast that focuses on building the life you desire, money making options, and budget travel that can propel you into a life of travel.

The NomadTogether Podcast by Paul and Becky Kortman – This couple not only travels, but homeschools, blogs, and run multiple businesses.   They give advice to families and couples who are striving to become location independent and interview those who are living and making money on the road.

If you listen to any podcasts that may inspire others, please feel free to share by commenting below.