Tulum Boat Ride and Snorkeling

Tulum Boat Ride and Snorkeling

After we left the beautiful Tulum Ruins and cooled off a bit, we walked toward Playa Pescadores, vowing that we would taxi back on our return.

The kids entertained themselves and many passers-by on our walk, as they belted out more songs from Moana.

The beach was absolutely breathtaking.  My first thought as we entered the beach was that this is what I envision Hawaii looking like, minus all the people and the Mexican music.

When I saw the boat we would be taking, I felt slightly uneasy, as I watched it sway up and down in the waves, but at least it had a canopy covering over the top.

Many of the beach bars in Mexico have these awesome swing seats.

When it was time to enter the boat, we had to walk out into the water, about knee deep, which wasn’t ideal since we were all fully dressed in clothing.  We quickly adjusted to the fast speed of the boat and the waves when we saw how gorgeous everything looked from the water.

The tour guides took turns photographing us in front of the Ruins.

Most of our group decided that they just couldn’t pass up this chance to snorkel, so the tour guides got everyone set up with equipment.

Jacob only watched for a few minutes before deciding he really wanted to jump in and join the group.  But most of them swam out way ahead, so he stayed back near the boat with the tour guide.

This ended up working in his favor, because before long, two, and then three sea turtles swam literally right passed Jacob, even skimming his leg!  That made him a little nervous, but he was able to put his face in the water and see them close up!

Every so often the sea turtles would lift their head up out of the water.  They lingered there, right next to the boat for awhile, and we got a great view of them from the boat as well!

Jacob was so happy, because he loves sea turtles, and the original place we were going to see them, Akumal, had been turning away snorkelers, due to its growing popularity.  It all worked out!

 That evening, after returning home and resting for awhile, we let the kids play Minecraft and watch a movie together at the hotel, while the four of us adults enjoyed a peaceful, double date!  Great end to a great day!