What Do You Have to Gain?

What Do You Have to Gain?

When I saw this quote, it immediately resonated with me.  I know, I know, this is not my first blog post to address this subject.  But, fear and doubt is such a powerful fight in many of our minds and definitely in my own, that it is a subject worth revisiting time and again.

When we think about making a change or doing something different, our doubts and fears creep in, steal our thoughts and kidnap our dreams!

If your mind works anything like mine, you will get really excited about a new idea and your heart will race, and rainbows and butterflies will fill your mind.  (At least that’s what my husband tells me.)  And then, often, that horrible thief, Doubt, sneaks in.  “If I follow this path, I’ll have to give up my comfortable life.  I’ll have to leave my job.  I’ll have to give up my nice home.  I’ll have to give up time.  I’ll have to give up my weekends.”

Have you ever had this conversation with yourself?  I know I have.  More than once!

Listen, you can talk all day (or your whole life) about why you CAN’T go after a goal, change, or dream because of what you will have to lose, or give up.  If you listen closely, you will realize that most of these reasons are simply excuses to not take action.  (Do you know someone who is brilliant at making excuses?  Or maybe you have been listening to your own excuses for far too long?)

I get it, it is really hard to change our habits and comfortable routines.  But, maybe it is simply our mindset that needs to change.  What would happen if you stopped focusing on what you have to give up, and instead focus on everything that you might gain from a new experience?

If you don’t try, if you don’t take action, you will live your entire life without ever knowing the outcome.  And then, what will you truly have gained?  If we don’t change, we don’t grow.  If we don’t take chances, we live with regret.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that we would gain so much more than a few travel adventures when we set off almost three years ago!  But, when I really reflect upon it, I realize the significance of what we have gained: a life of choices, intentionality, flexibility, quality family time, joy, curiosity, knowledge, friendship, and empowerment.  We have overcome challenges and persevered, deepening our confidence and strengthening our relationships.  We have changed as people, and what we thought we would be giving up or sacrificing, like a spacious house, has just made us realize how overrated some of those things were to begin with.

So, if you are struggling, turn around the doubts.  Instead, focus on what you could gain by a new adventure, a different job, a relocation, a travel lifestyle.  Imagine the possibilities, and then take action to get you one step closer!