Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah

After visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, we made our way back to Springdale, Utah, where we stayed for the week, down the street from Zion National Park’s entrance.  I must admit that we were very surprised at the crowds for October.  The weather was in the mid 80’s, so we even took advantage of the outdoor pool.

Parking inside the National Park was difficult.  If you don’t arrive early, you may not find a spot.  The main reason for this seems to be the fact that only a portion of the Park is accessible by car, and the rest by shuttle only.  The drivable sections wind around and it is likely that you will have to wait your turn to enter the mile long tunnel, which has restrictions for larger vehicles, but is worth the wait.

Jen Utah Zion and Bryce 029

We also took the shuttle for a park tour, which allows you to hop off and on at different hikes and viewpoints.  There are lots of opportunities for hikers, and again, if you like to hike, you need several days.  If not, one or two days should be sufficient.

Zion and Bryce 2014 126

Zion and Bryce 2014 050

Zion and Bryce 2014 071

The landscape at this point was different.  We had arrived in the desert.  It was a nice change for us.  We enjoyed the amazing scenery, and the boys were happy because they could run around and climb on rocks, one of their favorite past times.

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